Vicky’s Story

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Vicky Loza is a Mexican-American entrepreneur, ISSA certified personal trainer and fitness expert who believes that movement can change your life. Since starting her wellness journey in 2013, she has committed herself to a life led by health and fitness.

Vicky’s dedication and perseverance have led to her hosting a nationwide, sold-out #VTFCBOOTCAMP tour in major cities that started in 2018, designing and selling thousands of online workout programs during the pandemic, organizing a local charity event to celebrate over fifty Latina small business owners from a diverse array of countries and give back to local Latinx street vendors, and providing countless free resources and content for Black and Brown communities of all fitness levels.

Using a combination of Bodybuilding and HIIT style training, Vicky is on a mission to empower people to focus on self-love, health and movement - no matter what size and age they are, or stage of life they’re in. Her unapologetic attitude combined with an encouraging, structured style of coaching have helped her motivate and grow a community of over 100,000 across Instagram and TikTok. 


Vicky’s Journey

Vicky Loza sees movement and fitness as the foundation to strong mental health. 

She’s invested in fighting the stigma around mental health in Black and Brown communities, and providing honest and attainable fitness resources and education. 

Growing up as the eldest of three siblings in a single-parent home, Loza worked three jobs during her teens and twenties to help her close-knit family in any way possible. When she was 19, her mother called her out for not prioritizing healthy habits, which was the catalyst of Loza’s fitness journey. She started with at-home workouts (on DVDs!), then hired a personal trainer and joined a gym. Along the way she entered a bodybuilding competition, where she saw countless poor eating and fitness habits firsthand, and later was inspired to become an ISSA-certified personal trainer.

Her programs, events and resources have inspired thousands of people to find comfort and confidence in taking time to care for their physical and mental health, no matter their age, life stage, or health goal. 

Fitness is not about a number on the scale, or about how you look. It's about how you feel. I think movement should be a daily thing that you do, because you love yourself and you want to move your body.

-Vicky Loza


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